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Termites top the list when it comes to destructive pests and these creatures have affected almost a third of all properties in Australia. They are tiny, silent pests that burrow and breed deep in the ground or in dark and humid places. They breed at a steady pace, eat into various wooden features and cause extensive damage to your property even before you can contact professionals for termite control Rookwood.

High-Quality Termite Control Rookwood

Unfortunately, most people notice the existence of these pests only when the infestation becomes severe and has spread to various parts of the home. It also means that eradicating them in a single treatment might not always be possible. Sometimes, multiple visits are required to get rid of the infestation entirely.

Western Sydney Exterminators is an industry-leading and affordable pest control company. We specialize in treating termite infestations on residential and commercial properties. We know from experience that in the Sydney climate, its best to carry out termite inspections between April and July.

The Damage That Termites Cause

As mentioned at the outset, termites are undeniably the most dreaded of pests due to the kind and extent of damage they cause. These minute creates can go through different types of timber with ease, making structures unsafe if the infestation goes undetected for long. Termites can also travel through concrete crevasses sometimes to get to timber features and installations within.

They crawl from the ground through cracks in the foundation and into the building causing extensive damage very quietly. Its why we recommend that you get a pre-purchase termite inspection done before investing in a property. It’s also important to get preventative termite control Rookwood done. This becomes one of the best and most effective ways to determine whether there are any termites on your premises.

Signs That You Have Termites

There are some common signs, which indicate the presence of termites such as:

  • You notice many flying termites in and around your property
  • You see loose wings in the floors, in bathroom areas and vents
  • There are small piles of sawdust lying around near wooden features
  • You see mud tubes on walls and other areas
  • Wooden panels, columns, floorboards or beams sound hollow when you knock on them
  • The windows and doors are difficult to open.

Timely Termite removal Rookwood

If you have noticed any of these signs, contact us immediately. The sooner the treatment is done, the lesser the chances of damage to the wooden elements on your property. We use the latest moisture and termite detection equipment and use physical and chemical barriers as required. Our experts have handled termite removal Rookwood on commercial and residential properties of all shapes and sizes. We complete every job to industry standards and cover our work with guarantees.

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