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What Should You Know About Fleas?

Fleas are some of the most common infestations in households with pets. If you have a furry dog or cat, you’ll probably experience a few issues with these pests once in a while. Fleas are around 2.5 mm long and aren’t easy to detect because of their colours. They can hide among a pet’s fur easily, which makes it difficult for people to notice them. Fleas subsist on a diet of blood from pets and humans so you must eliminate them as quickly as possible.

As experienced flea exterminators in Sydney, we know how to spot and cure an infestation. The Western Sydney Exterminators experts look for signs like itchy bites, pets who are constantly scratching, and flea dirt before coming up with an action plan that works.

Types of Fleas in Sydney

Pets and their owners have to deal with different kinds of fleas, which makes treating them challenging. These pests feed on dogs, cats, squirrels, mice, rabbits, rats, and other such furry animals. They are more common in households with pets than in commercial environments like stores, factories, or warehouses.

As professional flea pest control providers, we have handled different kinds of pests over the years. They know how to approach cat fleas, bird mites, dog fleas, bird fleas, pigeon ticks, brown dog ticks, scabies mites, and other such common pests in Sydney.

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