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Rats are a nuisance at your home, besides being a malicious spreader of several diseases. Moreover, they even damage properties, contaminate foods, and welcome other parasites like fleas, lice, and ticks with them. Rat colonization has turned out to be a common problem all over Australia. Many households are hiring local rat control agencies to prevent the oppression of rats. Given that rats can breed quickly, they can lead to critical issues if left unnoticed and unmanaged for a long time.

However, some signs will help you to identify if there are rats in your walls or attic. Go through these guidelines that would help you out.

How to identify signs of rats in the wall or attics?

It might be tough to state whether you have rats or mice in your house until you find a dead one. Fortunately, there are some clues for you. If you somehow manage to identify these signs, seek immediate assistance from experts for rat removal services Sydney to get rid of rats in your house. Look out for these signs at your home to identify the existence of these rodents.

  • Rat droppings: You might come across rat droppings in areas like attics, basements, and behind the stoves. Rats can produce up to 40 droppings per night. These droppings look like large grains of rice.
  • Scratching sounds: Rats are known as efficient climbers. Hence, they can reach the loft space and the roof of the building comfortably. So, hearing scratching and squeaking noises from the roof-top can help you identify their presence. On the other hand, if brown rats exist in your house, you may hear them scurrying under the decks, sheds, or floorboards.
  • Running footprints: Rats usually leave footmarks in dusty, concentrated, and unused areas. Therefore, their marks on dirt and grease will signify their presence inside your house.
  • Damage: The teeth of rats grow simultaneously. Hence, they need to bite wood or plastic to keep their teeth in shape. As simple as that, rats can cause fire by chewing electrical cables. Apart from that, you will notice ripped food packages, containers, and papers with visible teeth marks of rats on them.
  • Rat nests: You will find rat nests made of various materials, including shredded paper, and furniture stuffing in warm and hidden places. Most of the time, these nests are located near food sources. Therefore, check out areas under the appliances, fridges, sofas, or near your kitchen for a sign of rat nests.
  • Insulation: Disturbed attic insulation is another clear sign of rat infestations at your home.

How to get rid of rats?

Apart from seeking professional support for rats removal from home, you can take some safety measures as follows.

  • Inspect the sealings of your home for any cracks or holes.
  • Trim the ivy and tree limbs around your residence.
  • Never store bundles of firewood and piles of debris in your house. This will prevent rats from getting any potential shelters for breeding.
  • Attach thick weather stripping at the boom of the door to keep it sealed.
  • Always use airtight containers for storing food.

If you want to control rat infestation in your home immediately, hire a rat control company. A professional support will help you safeguard your home from damaging rodents.

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