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Cockroaches continue to be one of the oldest and most dreaded invasive pests in Australia. Whether it’s your home or business, handling a cockroach infestation calls for professional support. While popular home remedies do work, they just offer temporary relief. So, why let the pesky creatures lurk in your home even after knowing the health concerns they cause?

While pest control Sydney is the ultimate answer to eliminating a cockroach infestation, we have outlined some temporary remedies for your convenience. Sooner or later, you need to reach out to these experts for help.

Common home remedies to control a cockroach infestation

1. Boric acid

Boric acid can help you get temporary relief from cockroach infestations. Spread a small quantity of this powder on your floors, crevices, and corners of the rooms. The roaches would die once they come in contact with boric acid. Make sure not to apply boric acid on wet surfaces. This will render it useless.

This is a temporary solution as the eggs that the roaches laid in the crevices would hatch in a few days, only to bring back the infestation.

2.Baking soda

A traditional tactic to weaken cockroach infestations, using baking soda along with sugar can help in controlling cockroaches. While sugar attracts these pests, baking soda kills them. So, once you detect their hideouts, apply baking soda around these places.

Peppermint oil

Among the essential oils, peppermint oils go a long way in eliminating cockroaches. Mix peppermint with saltwater to prepare a spray and apply it around their hideouts. Repeat this process for a few days to spot a visible difference in their population.

How to reduce the cockroach population at your home?

1. Glue traps

Glue traps are pretty effective in catching cockroaches. The trap emits an odour that draws the roaches. They get trapped when they come in contact with the strip. Place these glue traps under the sink or behind kitchen appliances. Once the strips become saturated with dead cockroaches, simply replace them.

2. Caulking entry points

There’s no point constantly replacing glue traps while they keep multiplying. Rather, caulking the entry points would be a logical decision. Closely observe the gaps between tiles and walls as well as window seals. Seal the entry points of your home like drains and crevices in the walls using caulk.

3. Buy a liquid concentrate

Get a liquid concentrate for deterring cockroaches and spray it into the crevices and cracks. For a more effective solution, mix the concentrate with a bucket of water and mop the floors. Like most other home remedies, this is a temporary solution as well. The cockroaches would return once you stop mopping your floors for a while.

What is the permanent solution to get rid of cockroaches?

Only a professional pest control company in Australia can bail you out of the cockroach menace permanently. Experienced cockroach extermination companies know where to locate cockroach infestations and accordingly, they administer the necessary treatment. Most of these service providers use safe agents that don’t pose any risk to your pets or kids.

So, if you are tired of DIY cockroach removal solutions, it’s time to reach out to the experts.

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