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If you have been unknowingly harbouring rats in your home, you’re already putting the health of your family members at risk. These filthy creatures also bring irreparable and expensive damage to your home. They cut through fridge doors, and AC wires, and nibble expensive apparel, wooden floors, and other valuables. This explains why most Australian households hire professional rat removal services to eliminate these rodents.

In this blog, we have recommended some temporary means to control rat infestation at your home. It pays to seek professional help as experienced extermination experts can deliver a permanent end to your woes.

  • Common damages caused by rats in your home
  • Damaged wires in ACs, fridges, micro-ovens, and other appliances
  • Ripping out mattresses and cushions
  • Chewing up valuable books and documents
  • Inflicting structural damage to woodwork, insulation, and drywall

Removing rats from your home: How to go about it?

1. Deny entry

In the first place, restrict the entry of rats into your home. A careful inspection will help you determine the potential loopholes in your seals. By bridging these loopholes, you can restrict access to your homes. Being small, rats can still wriggle in through tiny crevices. Professionals recommend using cement or strong plates or glass or metal to seal the entry points.

2. Set rat traps

One of the most common but time-intensive ways to remove rats from your home is to set traps. Using baits, you need to lead the rodents into the traps and do away with them.
Before setting rat traps, inspect where they are most active. Place the traps close to their entry points, so that they get caught instantly as they enter your home.

3. Deprive rats of food

Rats look out for hiding and nesting places in your home. Depriving them of their shelter and food, you would make them hunt for alternative places outside your home. Try to declutter your home, particularly the attic, basement, and kitchen.

Place heavy furniture and objects away from walls. Use closed bins to keep rats away from trash. In case there’s a food spill, clean it up immediately. Maintaining proper hygiene in your home works as the best line of defence against rodent infestations.

4. Try home remedies

  • If the infestation is at its initial stages, some home remedies might work. For instance, rats can’t tolerate the smell of onions. Cut a piece of onion and place it close to the infested areas in your home.
  • Households often use peppermint oil to deter rats. Apply it on cotton balls and place them on the probable entry points, kitchen countertops, and cabinets.
  • Block the crevices around your walls using steel wool. Rodents fail to nibble through the steel meshwork using their teeth.

Get professional rat control services

Well, if you realize that eliminating these destructive rodents isn’t within your scope, don’t delay calling in a professional for rat control Sydney. Reputed pest extermination companies provide lasting and effective solutions to eliminate rates from homes and commercial spaces. Once they administer treatment, the experts would follow up at the specified interval. This prevents the infestation from reviving after a few months.

Make sure to follow up on their services at the right time to permanently eradicate rats from your home.

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