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Bed bugs are pesky pests and have been a part of the human society since the beginning. Bed bugs have now become resistant to many pesticides, therefore scientific advancements usage and an understanding of biology of bed bugs is required to get rid of them.

We all want a healthy and comfortable home for us and our family. Equipped with little bit of knowledge you will feel more confident about Bed bug removal Sydney and create a safe space in your home. So, don’t worry, whether you are trying to get rid of these pests at home, a commercial building or a multi-storied apartment, with the treatment options available you can easily get rid of them.

Is it tough to get rid of bed bugs?

The one word answer to this questions is ‘yes’. But this is not a problem that cannot be solved with a spray can in hand. Even Bed bug removal service providers expect that two cycles of treatment will be required to completely eliminate bed bugs. Here are factors that make removal of bed bugs difficult:

  • Pesticide resistance: Pyrethroids are the class of pesticides used to manage pests. Bed bugs have developed resistance to these pesticides. Different population of bugs show different levels of resistance, but experts agree that this resistance makes it difficult to get rid of them.
  • They multiply quickly: The fast rate of multiplication makes it harder to get rid of them. The average life of a bed bug is around a year and in its lifetime a female bed bug lays about 110 eggs. In a conducive environment, the bed bug population can double up every 16 days.
  • Behavior: Bed bugs are quite secretive, they become active at night and get into small crevices and cracks during the day. Owing to their flat bodies they can get into thin cracks.

How to get rid of bed bugs quickly?

The minute you spot signs of bed bug infestation, you need to act swiftly. The longer you allow them to breed and grow, the more effort intensive and expensive the removal will become. Here are some treatment options available at hand, educate yourself about them and act wisely.

  1. First DIY steps: Start by clearing all the clutter, put it in a plastic bag and dispose carefully. Vacuuming can help lower the number but it alone cannot solve your problem.
  2. Heat treatment: Heat treatment is a good option if you want to quickly get rid of bed bugs. However, a successful bed bug heat treatment can be done by highly skilled professionals only. A residual pesticide is used in conjunction with the heat treatment.
  3. Traditional treatment: An insecticide based treatment is more affordable than other treatment options. You can find a Best Bed bug removal in your area for an effective treatment solution.

A good professional pest control service provider will focus on killing the nymphs that just hatch from the eggs. The aim is to kill them before they grow and become adults capable of reproduction.

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