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While pest control is a necessity, you might be in a dilemma regarding how frequently you need to call in the experts. Preventive maintenance of pests is crucial, no matter whether you want to stop a re-infestation after renovating your home, or take an advanced precaution against pests. Collaborating with a reputed pest control company, you can enjoy affordable pest control services to keep your home safe from these pesky perils. Moreover, experts will recommend you a customized plan and treatment program according to your specific requirements.

The frequency at which you need to get your home inspected depends on several factors. Consider aspects such as the location of your home, type of construction, material, sanitation, and the type of pests you want to prevent.

How often should you hire pest control services in Sydney?

There is no doubt that Australia is a home to a large number of poisonous and concerning pests. The most common pests you will get in Sydney are spiders, fleas, possums, bees, wasps, rats, and cockroaches.

Pest control experts suggest that you must choose a pest control program that suits the requirements of your residence. If you hire a reputed Sydney pest control company with qualified and skillful professionals, they would offer quarterly or every-other-month services. This would be more than enough to keep your home pest-free.

However, if you find heavy pest infestations in commercial buildings, restaurants, or homes in residual forest areas, it would be ideal to perform pest control frequently, every 2-3 months. On the other hand, residences with surrounding lakes, tall glasses, or heavy mulching may need monthly pest control treatment. This would keep away pests such as big-headed ants, German cockroaches, and white-footed ants.

Severe infestations

In case of severe pest infestations, experts recommend performing pest control treatment activities frequently. Sometimes, exterminating the pests may need a few months, depending on the intensity of an infestation. Make sure to follow up the schedule until the specific pest colony is uprooted.

Some other factors that determine the frequency of follow-ups include the species creating their habitat in your house, the location of the pest colonies, and the period of the infestation.
Sometimes the infested colony may invade again even after the extermination is over . Therefore, routine pest control treatment is quite essential to prevent any further intrusion.

Seasonal pest control activities:

  • January to March: The most common pests to control in this time are rodents, spiders, silverfish, and termites.
  • April to June: During this time, the primary pests to take care of include ants, fleas, earwigs, and spiders.
  • July to September: Pest that you can find for controlling are ants, fleas, spiders, and dry-wood termites.
  • October to December: In these last three months, pests like rodents, earwigs, ants, termites, and spiders intensify their colonization.

Things you need to consider before hiring a pest controller

Make sure that your pest controller has a certified license for pest management and offers affordable pest control services. Moreover, they should have sufficient experience in that field. Ask them regarding the products they will use during pest treatment before you sign a deal with them. It makes sense to collaborate with an established, licensed, and insured pest control company.

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