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About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are some of the most feared pests today. They might not be as dangerous as spiders or disease-carrying rodents, but they do cause a lot of stress. Bed bugs are resilient and travel quickly. They survive on a diet of blood and hide in mattresses, furnishing, under carpets, in crevices in furniture and more. The most common symptoms of bed bugs are cluttered bumps that show up on exposed areas of a person’s body.

Bed bugs don’t carry diseases, but they can trigger allergic reactions. If you keep scratching the bites, you might create a wound and suffer an infection. Bed bug bites may be relatively harmless, but the lack of sleep is undoubtedly harmful. There have been stories of people burning down their homes while trying to remove these bugs. It is best to leave them to professional bed bugs exterminators in Sydney.

How Do We Handle Bed Bugs?

Conventional solutions like over-the-counter sprays or insecticides aren’t very effective against these resilient pests. While adult bugs may die, their eggs and larvae remain to cause havoc later.

We use proven techniques and solutions for bed bug removal. Steam treatments, heat, and tools to protect mattresses are the best way to handle this infestation. Removal may require multiple treatments, but we make sure the results last for a long time. Our solutions are 100% eco-friendly and safe for the most vulnerable members of your family. Contact us at Western Sydney Exterminators today if you want to know more!

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