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Despite implementing DIY pest control methods and even calling Western Sydney Extermination, some pests refuse to go. They remain hidden for some time and then come out again. This indicates a serious infection and aggressive methods need to be adopted to rid the house of them.

Reason for Their Stubborn Presence

Some plausible reasons why some pests are difficult to annihilate and keep causing continuous reinfection are:

  • For cockroaches, the fact that they lay almost innumerable eggs at once makes it difficult to eradicate them. Additionally, the mother roach carries its babies to reduce its contact with humans. This increases the complexity of the problem.
  • Some pest species like some cockroaches and beetles are resistant to stomping. Scientists say that the exoskeleton possessed by the cockroach allows them to remain unaffected even by objects that are 900 times their weight.
  • Most pests choose hiding places that are difficult to detect like the floorboards, inside electrical switchboards and even within wallpapers. The fact that some can squeeze their bodies through minute spaces is another cause of concern even for a pest control company like us.
  • Lastly, critters can survive very long without food and water.

3 Common Pests That Refuse to Go

Considering the above reasons, it is not difficult to see why some pests simply refuse to be eradicated. Three such stubborn pests that simply refuse to go are:


Termites are sometimes mistaken to be white ants and are eusocial pests that frequently infest homes. Their colony comprises two types of termites:

  • The workers that are about 3 to 4mm long.
  • The wingless swarmers are about 4mm long and dark brown to black.

If a piece of wood crumbles on the slightest pressure, it is a sure indication of a termite problem. Termites hate the light and stay hidden within wooden panels. Additionally, they only attack after they have formed a colony of about 100,000 insects. Thus, it is best to get in touch with termite pest control experts the moment one suspects a termite problem.

Bed Bugs

These are one of the worst kinds of pest infections. They are very difficult to tackle and harm the people of the house who wake up with itchy skin that is relatively redder than the surrounding ones. Another symptom of this pest problem is the presence of small bites in a single line along the skin. A rusty spot on the mattress or bed sheets is also indicative of a bed bug problem that warrants the immediate presence of bed bug removal company to take care of it.


These pests are the hardest to annihilate since they are resilient and can squeeze their bodies to pass through extremely tiny wall cracks and crevices. They are nocturnal and stay hidden during the day. The presence of egg casings and faecal droppings are a sure sign of this pest problem.

The above pests are dangerous because they transmit diseases. Thus they need to be immediately eradicated and affordable pest control services immediately called.

The possibility of creepy-crawlies visible in the house is every house owner’s nightmare. The thought of spiders, roaches, rats, ants etc., roaming in the house of their free will is enough to make people cringe. They are also carriers of disease spreading germs and hence their presence in the house should be eliminated or reduced.

Before getting in touch with a pest control company, homeowners can adopt and implement the following effective DIY pest control methods like:

Using rubber doorstops

These can be easily procured from the local hardware store. Once installed, these rubber doorstops prevent pests from entering the house using the space beneath the doorways as entry points. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to control the entry of pests.

Vegetation removal

Planting creepers and other plants near the edge wall edge acts as an invitation for vermin and pests. The vegetation acts as a bridge and help ants, cockroaches, spiders etc., to gain easy access to house interiors. Any overhead branch that touches any part of the roof also helps to act an as entry point for pests. Vegetation touching the house and the gutters should be avoided at all costs since it enables snakes to come inside the house. This can be extremely dangerous.

Setting up gardens

Most people set up gardens near the wall edges of their houses. While this may look very pretty, there are two problems associated with the same. They are:

  • Since plants have to be watered daily to keep them alive, the moisture attracts pests and vermins.
  • The growing plants may cover the weep holes in the walls thereby enabling termites to penetrate without the house inmates noticing the same.

Thus, such gardens should be set up away from the external walls of the houses. This is an effective DIY pest control method to follow.

Keeping the kitchen clean

After making food, the crumbs should be properly disposed. If left in the kitchen, they attract pests. All tap leakages should be repaired immediately as wet and moist places act as perfect breeding grounds for pests. The drawers, stovetops, kitchen counters and racks should be wiped regularly using a disinfectant cleaner. Additionally, food left outside should be consumed, stored or refrigerated. Getting rid of garbage daily prevents its accumulation thereby depriving pests of food and driving them out. Following this tip might not eliminate the pest problem; however, it will be kept under control until the pest control services of your choice arrive.

Taking care of bathroom

Using water constantly in the bathrooms keeps them moist for longer periods. Thus, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure that they do not become pest breeding grounds. Some of these measures include:

  • Bathroom should be kept clean and dry as much as possible.
  • The pot should be cleaned every alternate day using a toilet cleaner.
  • Sink should be washed thoroughly at least once a week with a heavy-duty cleaner.
  • Shower curtains should be dry without any moss formation.
  • Drains should always be kept covered and unclogged.

Keeping the bathroom clean will help enhance its hygiene and keep it pest free. Standing water is also a breeding ground for many pests. Thus, any accumulation of water should be prevented and the source of water leakage solved immediately.

Following the above tips would enable homeowners to indulge in affordable pest control methods thereby preventing them from calling in the exterminators. Alternatively, taking care of the above points after the exterminators have sprayed the home would make the effect of the pest control last long.

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